We offer services in technical supervision sector. During the construction period we can undertake the technical duties of the engineer, as defined by contract conditions between client and contractor, and co-ordinate and administrate the project on behalf of the client. These services can be offered as complete role of the Engineer or can be limited to our client’s requirements under separate each project.

Our focus is to develop a strong project team cooperating with contractor, client and any independently engaged co-consultants to plan ahead, identify potential problems and develop effective solutions to minimize progress risks and avoid unnecessary cost implications, with our ultimate aim to deliver the employer’s project on time, within budget and with highest quality.

Our engineers have experience in:

  • Project daily inspection and supervision
  • Technical supervision of works using FIDIC (red/yellow) contract terms
  • Design review
  • Material submittal approval
  • Project specification conformity
  • Safety compliance

Our engineers are reputed in providing highly qualified, accurate, and time efficient supervision services to support and enhance the project execution.


  • City of Bangalore, India

    Master Plan for municipal waste management system for the City of Bangalore (8,5 million inhabitants).

  • City of Jinzhou, China

    Development of Technological Design and technical supervision at Municipal Solid Waste Segregation and Composting Plant for the City of Jinzhou, China - capacity: 600 000 Mg/year.

  • City of Wuhan, China

    China, design and technical supervision of construction of waste water treatment plant in Wuhan City with a capacity of 100 000 m3 /year by Polish soft loan.

  • City of Ostrow Wlkp, Poland

    General Design and Detailed Design Documentation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant for the City of Ostrow Wlkp., Poland – capacity: 25 000 m3/d.

  • Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

    Development the concept of waste and sludge management program for municipal wastewater treatment plant in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

  • City of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

    Consultation in the preparation of the Technical Design of fermentation chambers at Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant for the City of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

  • Andrychów, Poland

    Consultation for implementation of the conceptual and general and detailed design of waste and sludge management program including a digestion chambers for municipal wastewater treatment plant in Andrychów, Poland.

  • City of Lezyce, Poland

    General Design and Detailed Design Documentation of Regional Solid Waste Management Plant in Lezyce, Poland (association of communities Gdynia- Wejherowo) – 500.000 inhabitants.

  • Kuching City

    Feasibility Study for municipal sewage network development and three local wastewater treatment plants construction in Kuching City (Malaya) finance by local government.

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